Choosing a System that works for you

Flower Power to the people!

Flower Power to the people!


If you find yourself

All night trembling

From thoughts that rise feelings

That won’t let you sleep

Let yourself acknowledge

The depth of this experience

For it communicates an ancient truth

Stored in your body

Seeking to be released

For the better good



This moment is right

This moment is right

It’s a long night

The crescent moon is yellow

And soon will decrease

This is it, the time is right

One must recognize ones weakness

In order to transform

A cool objective eye

Ah truth,

How peacefully and softly you perform

Just being there at the right moment

As an attentive observer of a grand show

All the turmoil and anger

Pacified with your cool objective eye


And the work begins and never ends

And the work begins and never ends

We have so much to lose

To negativity

And one needs to be aware

Not to fall prey to its grip and

Endless detail


One must make an honest effort

To be enlightened in this life

Once this commitment is made

The work begins

And never ends



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3 Responses to Choosing a System that works for you

  1. beker says:

    QUITE a PIECE. Ronit (Peace and Quiet 🙂

    If you meet enlightment kill it…



  2. Siegmar Spruch says:

    Sounds to me as if you haven’t found the right system that works for you, yet.
    If it leads you not to unconditiond happiness, it’s not the right one.
    I agree that it is a long way and one will not get it without diligence. But
    maybe there is nothing to get and it’s more about letting go, because it’s
    all illusion-like and the problem starts with grasping it.
    A big theme for a small comment. In the end the answer is in you 🙂

    • Meditation Muse says:

      Dear Ziggy!
      Thank you for your clear wise words! I do take refuge daily in my practice and actually see how it brings me closer to the truth…It’s a good way to benefit from the experience of those who walked this path before! Love from Paros!

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