Now you

simple in body and mind

simple in body and mind

These clear crystal waters

Blue and transparent

Fill my heart with joy

The sun that kisses my shoulders and knees

The breeze that is here

Just to please and refresh


How blessed we are to experience

The simple delights

With no interference of opinions

‘And judgments and ‘know how’s


Allowing ourselves to be simple

In body and mind, not justifying

Any cause but the fullness of this moment


This beach has rocks that have seen

Many moments, welcomed them and than

Said goodbye

These rocks have such patience

To lay here day after day

Allowing the water to

Soothe them to perfection

How blessed we are

How blessed we are

I wish to have their patience and durability

And the acceptance of the power of water

To perfect and revive


On a hot day all one really needs is water

   Some shade and a breeze

And half an hour to put it all in words

Then let it be what it is

And join all the naked pretty goddesses

For a swim

The fullness of the moment

The fullness of the moment

 *Now you is a womens  workshop guided by Ujallah


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  1. Siegmar Spruch says:

    Lovely. Don’t want to say more. Words can’t describe.

  2. Heather says:

    “Now you | Meditation Muse” was indeed a good blog.
    If merely there was more websites such as this amazing one in the web.
    At any rate, thank you for your personal time, Jacklyn

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