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Photo by Hava Kohl-Riggs

Photo Hava Kohl-Riggs


Out on the deck in the black night

The wind blows cold and clear

It never seizes to astonish

How humans fail to learn

From their own history,

That change of thinking is needed,

The same thinking

That has brought us up to date.


It is hard to hear again and again

Of all the wrongs that got us

 To this moment, ignorance, vanity

And Passion crimes,

But listen patiently to the human drama,

Take it all in

To the place of warmth and peace



Photo Petros Paros

Photo Petros Paros


The lights of Paros I look for in the darkness,

And when I spot them I just smile.

This journey has not made me rich in money

But has made me so alive

Photo Petros Paros

Photo Petros Paros

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