Meditation and the Muse

What is meditation?

A constant state of mind

Keep on sweeping



Unnecessary thoughts

that pull you down


Some would call it

Wishful thinking

But rather just resting

In the gap


In your actual life




What it is

You really need




Who has the time

To read

Long texts

Make it short

And sweet

Easy to take in


With extra space

For nothing but

A smile


Cleaning cleaning away

Doing the work

In your actual life

Where else

Would it make

A difference


Over the years, while living in Israel and working as a journalist and news editor, every now and then, a certain discontent or dis-ease would arise.  What am I doing, what should I be doing, what is my higher purpose. I loved my work but through it I met a lot of suffering, the full human drama and it was a very stressful environment.

So I treated this discontent by going to healers, new age experts of many and different qualifications. Trying holistic pulsing, rebirthing, Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine, Astrology, tarot reading, left brain, one brain,  Feng shui, kabala, acupuncture, reflexology, yoga, dream work, Brahma kumaris, The way of the artist, The work, Bach remedies, aromatherapy and the list continues.


One thing kept coming up – meditation.

Many of these good people recommended it. Said it will do me a lot of good.

Yes yes I would answer impatiently, but I have no time I have to run, so many things to do.

Obligations, responsibilities. People to interview, articles to write.

Besides sitting on a chair imagining a ball of light filling my body or focusing on a point between my eyes seemed futile and a waste of my valuable time.

Silent and warm


At one point I got a job in a newspaper, to actually review some of these new age trends.

I wrote a column called Recipes for Happiness where I could explore the latest remedies. Tried to sum it all up in few words so it would be easy for the readers to understand.

This was a constant issue in the discussions with my editors at the newspaper.

How to put a whole Chinese philosophy in 200 words?

The editor kept saying: make it simple, give useful tips,

The women readers of the magazine are busy practical woman.



Is there a purpose?


What a relief, only this moment


Nothing else


With the sun light on the blue sea

And the white seagull in the sky

Floating in open space

Like a white feathered cloud


Squares of sun light on the carpet

The cat in the armchair

Is at rest

The music

Has a playful beat

Just be



Here’s a tip

For my one reader

Take a minute a day

To just be



Only after we moved to Greece to build Tao’s center I started sitting meditation daily following the advice of Zen master Gudo Nishijima “just sit”.

I began sitting half an hour every morning and since then meditation has become

an essential part of my daily routine.

Looking in the mirror


Space to Muse

Writing has always been one of my major tools.

Sitting in front of an empty page, or a computer screen, relaxing, connecting to my breath, observing my thoughts, getting clear about my feelings, capturing the moment, and the world around .

At some point I realized the connection between meditation and writing poetry.

Both enhance self awareness, clarity and peace.

Both creative states of mind and forever changing.

Both ways for me to connect to the truth

And therefore empowering

A peaceful space


Paros is ideal for both meditation and poetry and apparently I’m not the first to discover this. Poets, writers, artists from all over the world, have been attracted to the Island and have made it their place to muse.


The beauty of Paros, the peace, the people and above all the rhythm of nature

Make it a good place to connect.

Of the day

The sea is gray today

The sky gray too

The wind soft

Like talking to a friend

In the distance

A goats’ bell


A dog barks

On the roof top

Doves gather


The fireplace


Wherever I look

There is the sea


Listen to the wind

What does it have to say

A whisper

A peep

A squeak

A Crick

A cackle

A sniffle

A Tweet

A rattle

Suddenly a cloud goes by

And light comes through


Did I mention I love Paros in the winter?


The bell rings

It’s time for meditation

The duck’s in Dimitri’s farm

Are excited


Out on a concrete bench

Under the blanket

Telling myself stories

Putting myself to rest



Like some lost island

In a haze

Few lights in the fog

The wind blows


And stronger

Time for hot chocolate


By the hearth


Did I already mention

I just love Paros in the winter


A Christmas tree with

All its light

In the blue window

Sky and sea

Are one


The white Buddha


In my kingdom of heaven

The fire burns

Warm is the wooden floor

I see the brown Buddha

From his back

I see the white Buddha

On the top


Glow all over

His shoulders


May the journey be peaceful

For daily inspiration i recommend watching and listening this beautiful chant by

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering) from R Smittenaar on Vimeo.