Relaxing and keeping a positive point of view

Relaxing and keeping a positive point of view

A few words about my path

I was Born in Israel and worked as a journalist and a TV news editor.

The job involved a high pressure work environment, full of stress.

The birth of my son 17 years ago changed my life.

I realized this environment was not healthy for myself or my baby .

It started a process of changing the way I live.

For a period of time i wrote a column in a woman’s magazine called “Recipes for Happiness” where i explored and wrote about New Age trends. During this time i also studied Astrology .

And then i got the chance to put it all into practice!!!  Together with two other families we moved to Paros island, Greece and built Tao’s center, a place dedicated to meditation, well-being and self development. It is a magic place where one can meet like minded, practice meditation and yoga and connect with the basics of life, in a fun, warm and loving way.

Consideration of Time – Astrology chart readings

This is what i offer:

· Major Themes in one’s birth chart (patterns and life lessons),  looking at current points activated (transits) and the specific challenges presented at this time.

· Looking at a specific relationship with a significant other by comparing and combining both charts, and so understanding the nature of the relationship. What are the attractions, harmonic and dis-harmonic angels.

· Child – Parent relationship. Major life lessons are presented through the relationship with one’s children. It is often said that our children are our biggest teachers. Looking into the nature of the relationship with your child, strengths and challenges as shown in the relationship between both charts.

To contact me please leave a message here or write to:

May you always be in peace,

Ronnit Ben-Saadon



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