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Now you

These clear crystal waters Blue and transparent Fill my heart with joy The sun that kisses my shoulders and knees The breeze that is here Just to please and refresh   How blessed we are to experience The simple delights … Continue reading

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Choosing a System that works for you

  It’s a long night The crescent moon is yellow And soon will decrease This is it, the time is right One must recognize ones weakness In order to transform Ah truth, How peacefully and softly you perform Just being … Continue reading

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A Golden Dawn?

Winter on Paros is my favorite time, I know this is not a very popular view, many prefer the summer with all its partying. Most find it difficult to slow down and take time out, having less stimulation from outside. … Continue reading

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A spring moment

  On a seaweed beach Content like a fish in crystal water I don’t know what will be tomorrow So for the moment I just stay In the now   Words like should or ought to I filter out Warm … Continue reading

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