Tao’s Center

Tao’s center was born out of love and trust in the universe.

Tao's center entrance

Say hello to the Buddha within

Not really copying any known model, not really knowing what we were doing, 3 families from Israel decided to move with our children and all our belongings to the island of Paros, heart of the Cyclades, Greece. It was a big adventure, following a dream to create a place of freedom and peace on a beautiful island surrounded with breathtaking view. Each one of the participants on this voyage had perhaps a different vision, never-the-less we all were committed. All fueled with idealism and hope and not very practical. Our families and friends thought we all went crazy. It took 3 years just to build the center. The tractors worked hard to dig into the solid rock.  Curious rumors on the island suggested the big meditation hall might be a casino – as for what other use would 200 sq meters with no clomps be? This is still probably Taos’s biggest investment since the amount of cement that went into securing the ceiling was unheard of.


The big meditation hall

A space to rest and listen


When the center was finally built it opened its doors to a long line of dreamers and searchers, all looking for a more peaceful and balanced life style.  Tao’s accepted them all with tolerance and tried to provide tools to pacify the mind and connect to the moment, while enjoying the view and eating great Tai food.

Taos center front terrace view

A terrace with a view

Tao’s had to, and still needs to; face many of the challenges that are part of living on a small,  Greek island, at a time of world financial crisis, specially notable in Greece. Over the years the challenges that Tao’s faces are still great. The pace of modern life seems to be accelerating, rising new and many unknown questions, and a sense of urgency to find solutions. More than ever there is a wide need to find a more conscience peaceful way of being. Tao’s has evolved and become concerned with issues of preserving nature and local culture on the island since they are a vital part of what makes the place so charming and attractive. It welcomes anyone who wishes to contribute their love and knowledge and create a sustainable balanced way of life. ‏


Sitting on Tao's center terrace